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Brexit was the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union at the end of 31 January 2020. We continued to be part of the European Union Customs Union and the European Single Market during a transition period that ended on the 31st December 2020.

There are lots of confusing rules and regulations to get your head around, not to mention all the Brexit jargon, but it doesn’t have to stop you and your business from thriving.

We want businesses in Allerdale to have access to the information they need to allow them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them to diversify and even start trading outside of the UK.

The website is the best port of call for Brexit related questions and answers. They have pages dedicated to rules of originbusiness guidance, and have developed a register of customs agents who can help with import and export declarations. If you move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland the Trader Support Service will guide you through any changes due to the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

To help businesses who want to employ EU nationals the government has produced an employer’s guide to the new points-based immigration system and guidance on right to work checks. Businesses can also sign up to receive Home Office updates on the new immigration system.

EU funding is available from certain funds under the 2021 – 2027 EU spending framework. For more information about these funds, go to the government’s EU funding page.