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Allerdale Borough Council has formed a business group in each of our towns in order to give a platform to those town’s local businesses for them to discuss what matters to them, how to collaborate, take action and enhance the profiles of their towns.

We have already got the ball rolling and established the groups but going forward, we very much want these groups to be organised and led by the businesses themselves. We will be in attendance as much as possible, to feedback on council messaging or projects that may be of use to the business community and answer any questions. It is also hoped that other organisations will get involved for example;  the RSPB, Cumbria Constabulary and our Town Councils.

In addition to the successful Cockermouth Chamber of Trade and the independently organised Keswick Tourism Association, groups in Maryport, Wigton, Workington and the Solway Coast have been established and initial meetings and projects are well under way. The groups will decide themselves how they would like to be run, what issues they will discuss and what their overall aim is in order to support and grow the business community they are a part of.

Times – Regular times of meetings have not quite been established yet but please do contact us on the below email addresses for current meeting times.

How you can join – we hope the groups will soon have chairs and secretaries that you can contact, in the meantime please use the below email addresses: