Growing your cycling and ebike user business

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Cycling experts, Lancaster and Lancaster have provided practical advice on how visitor economy businesses can exploit the growing cycle and ebike market. Here are their four top tips:

1. Share routes

Share the range of routes that we have published on showing the fabulous opportunities for cycling/ebiking in Allerdale. Cyclist can also add their own routes to Komoot.

2. Provide safe overnight storage

Bike Storage options for visitors who arrive by bike need to be easily accessible and accept bike locks to ensure security at the location. Nothing provides a more visible sign that visitors with bikes are welcome than a bike rack in front of a business. Below we examine a number of options with where to purchase and some indicative prices. Before deciding upon any given option there is a need to consider what the visitor is looking for at the venue and the venues capacity. Bike Racks – D.I.Y. There is no need to spend a fortune to ensure visitors arriving by bike have somewhere to secure their bike. 

For those who want to do it themselves and have the skills to. The more rustic approach, notice the steel security points on the finished product. 

Perhaps the quickest and simplest option is to purchase a cycle rack or cycle point. Outlined below are some options offering a range of price points and scale, from simple wall mounted security points to larger installations. Security anchor points, which are relatively low cost and simple to install. These suit properties where space and/or budget may be limited. They are a great first step, if a business is unsure if visitors will arrive at an establishment by bike or wish to visit.

Tusk There are many companies who will supply more standard forms of bike rack. These will fit a wide range of budgets and also allow the aesthetic impact bike parking may have on a premise or facility to be considered. Street Furniture Direct Secure Bike Storage Enclosed secure shelters are available and again vary in price, size and aesthetic. These may be more suitable for overnight stops either at individual accommodation, camp sites or as part of a cooperative central facility for a community collective. These might range from lockable pods to large cycle hubs. Some of these will require significant cost and may also require additional services or planning permission. Cycle Pods

3. Charge Points

There are a number of options when providing charging facilities for bike users. The most basic is to provide an outdoor socket with the appropriate IP rating. These rely upon the bike owner bringing their own charger with them. This option is relatively cheap and easy to install. It removes any issue around not having the appropriate charger on site. It also provides a great first step when located near the bike racks. It also represents the most flexible option when considering the installation of charge points.

This provision can be enhanced by providing bike chargers at a venue. Unfortunately, there is no standardisation with bike chargers.

However, the market is not quite as fragmented as many would believe. 69% of sales of ebikes utilise a Bosch motor. The next largest market share belonging to Yamaha 9% and Shimano 8%. These 3 brands accounting for 86% of the market. Chargers cost approximately £150 each. The The eBike Store

4. Tools and Spare Parts

Businesses could provide a basic range of tools to ensure minor repairs and adjustments (puncture repair, brake adjustment etc) can be made to a bike in order that a visitor may continue their holiday. Tools might include a puncture repair kits, track pump, tire levers, Allen keys, Torx keys, screw drivers. When providing tools or spare parts for visitors to use, they are only really need to be able to deal with basic issues. Therefore, the provision, expectation, and cost should remain limited. There are a range of basic tool kits available at a variety of price points. The kits listed are generally more suited to accommodation providers or establishments which have a secure storage area that could be used to perform basic maintenance. 

Halfords Essentials Lezyne Port-A-Shop (via Chain Reaction) Park Tools Home mechanic starter kit Icetoolz Essence Tuvec – these are designed as spares for their bike maintenance stand but could just as easily be installed with a confined garage or enclosed bike parking space